International Barrier Technology, Inc. (Barrier) develops, manufactures and markets proprietary fire retardant building materials branded as LP® FlameBlock® Fire-Rated OSB Sheathing and Mule-Hide FR Deck Panel.  Barrier's products are designed to protect people and property from fire. Barrier owns the patent protected Pyrotite® Technology* and has received ‘patent pending’ status on the new $3.2 Mil manufacturing line process. With over fifteen years of sales history and established brand identity, Barrier is leveraging its reputation and experience to pursue new applications, new regional US and international markets, and licensing opportunities.ignition resistant, non combustible building materials; California WUI listed
Barrier Fire Rated Wood Panels, manufactured with Pyrotite® Technology
Barrier’s fire-resistant sheathing products are coated with Barrier's patented, non-hazardous, non-combustible Pyrotite material. Pyrotite has an extraordinary capability: it releases water when exposed to the heat of fire. This water cools the fire and curtails its development and spread.ignition resistant, California WUI listed
A secure choice for developers and builders
Barrier's Pyrotite panels provide developers and builders of residential, commercial, institutional, and pre-fabricated buildings a revolutionary, cost-effective material. Barrier's panels exceed the challenging technical specifications for fire-resistance required by the International Building Code and are in compliance (pdf 53k) with the requirements of the International Building Code in every targeted application.non combustible building material ignition resistant building material California WUI listed

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