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Features of Blazeguard® Fire-Rated Wood Panels Blazeguard® is an exceptionally durable fire resistant structural building panel. Fire resistance is provided by a tough, thin layer of inert, inorganic material. Blazeguard’s performance features include:

Fire: Exceeds the most stringent flame-spread rating required by building codes with a flame spread index of 5, and the flame front advance of less than 9’ after 30 minutes. Meets Class A (1) flame-spread requirements.

Blazeguard in 7/16” OSB thickness provides a 15-minute thermal barrier for plastic insulations. One-hour and two-hour assemblies using Blazeguard are listed by a code-recognized independent laboratory.

Strength: Stronger than the panel selected as substrate. The fire retardant shield does not reduce panel strength, but actually increases it.

Smoke: Develops only a small fraction of the amount allowed by building codes. For example, compared to the smoke-developed index limit of 450, Blazeguard has a smoke-developed index of 40 or less.

Corrosion: Blazeguard will not promote corrosion of nails, staples, or screws.

Permeability: Blazeguard’s breathable fire shield will not promote rot by trapping moisture in the wood.

Durability: The fire shield is factory applied to plywood, OSB, or particle board substrates using Barrier’s proprietary process. Under normal construction and application conditions, the shield will not flake, crack, or peel. It has more resistance to abrasion than uncovered wood.

Applications: Use Blazeguard for: structural roof and wall sheathing; as the thermal barrier for structural foam core panels; siding; sub flooring; shelving; ceiling; wall paneling; partitions; and storage containers. Also recommended for all types of construction where fire protection is a design requirement or desired in order to decrease insurance premiums.

Workability: Can be cut, drilled, nailed, and stapled using common carpentry tools.

Products: Blazeguard is available in two product types:

Plywood: Proprietary high strength shield factory applied to one or both faces of any standard thickness and size.

OSB: Proprietary high strength shield factory applied to one or both faces of any standard thickness of OSB, up to 8’ x 24’ in size.

Chemical/Biological: Blazeguard contains inorganic material that inhibits the growth of fungus and molds. It is resistant to reaction with common solvents, fuels, and lubricants.

Finishing/Special: Blazeguard can be painted for use as wall paneling in corridors or other exposed surfaces. For continuous exposure to weather, CCA treated plywood can be provided as an alternative substrate for added protection against rot and decay.

Environmental: Blazeguard’s fire shield is a clean and safe inorganic compound. It is not hazardous or toxic and does not contain or use harmful or environmentally unsound chemicals in its manufacture. Disposal of trim scrap is by ordinary trash disposal methods. Toxicity tests show that Blazeguard releases fumes that are less toxic than plain wood under fire conditions.

Packaging/Handling: Blazeguard is shipped protected from the elements. Procedures for handling on the job site are the same as those for traditional structural wood panels.

Testing: Blazeguard has been extensively tested. Independent laboratories verified all results. Intertek/Omega Point Laboratories provides product listing services, which include unannounced quarterly audits and periodic follow-up testing.

Blazeguard meets or exceeds the requirement set by local, county, and state building codes and insurance underwriters and rating bureaus.

Availability: Panel Unit Sizes

Blazeguard Plywood Substrate (4' x 8")

Thickness Panel/Unit
15/32” 63
19/32” 53
23/32” 45

Blazeguard OSB Substrate
(4' x 8')
Thickness Panel/Unit
15/32” 60
19/32” 53
23/32” 45
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