Pyrotite® Technology

Pyrotite is a non-combustible, non-toxic, inorganic material designed to prevent ignition and inhibit the spread of flames. The patented, cementitious compound releases water when exposed to the heat of fire, absorbing and cooling the heat of a fire.

Product research and testing has utilized Pyrotite material as a coating, an integral treatment, a structural laminate, a foam, and a cured and pulverized powder, mostly in applications to enhance the fire retardant properties of wood construction materials.

Barrier's first commercial application of Pyrotite material is as a coating on plywood and oriented strand board to create a fire-rated structural wood sheathing branded as Blazeguard.

Pyrotite coating has potential application to engineered woods, paint, plastics, and expanded polystyrene.  Barrier provides consulting services to help determine how Pyrotite coating applies to your substrate and how coating services for your substrates can be performed at its new manufacturing facility.

For application and licensing inquiries, please contact Dr. Michael Huddy, President, at 1-800-638-4570.

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